On the Songwriters of Today

Everywhere the shallow and the superfluous speak to us. Their siren calls stream outward from the television set, computer screen and the cellular phone. They have grown like cultures of bacteria on the social networks that hover in cyber space. The new songwriters of our time concern themselves more with popularity contests then with composition. They are the new technological pitchmen that harvest fans through the cold circuitry of My Space and Face book. Their art is sour nutrients for all the bottom base suckers that feed themselves on the feces of the ordinary.

Not much thought goes into the wisdom of songs that rehash the same themes and do not expand. Your love songs, the kind of songs that you seem only capable of writing, no nothing about love. They are full of cliché and shallow liaisons not even fit for a flasher and his trench coat. They are much the same as balloons that cannot hold air and never inflate. Thus, oh simple balladeers of today, your songs can never take flight.


Your success is not based on the quality of your notes and your words. There is nothing sublime and strange in your craftsmanship. Your focus is concerned more with the amount of followers that you can catch and ensnare on the Internet. You deem your worth through cold numbers that hang below your name. Faceless digits that represent your followers. You rewrite and plagiarize themes because your scope is small. You do a grave injustice to those who listen to your tunes. For you do not challenge your listener to expand their ears and elevate their thoughts.



I am sad and heartbroken for you, oh songwriters of today. You know very little of life yet you want to preach as if you are the first to formulate a common opinion. You do not push yourself off tall buildings or over crushing waterfalls when your compose your words and your chords. You are afraid to step out of the established formulas in fear of rejection and failure. Most pointedly, you do not explore the dark wilderness of your thoughts out of fear of not becoming popular. Popular was what you had intended all along … not art, nor creation. Songwriters of today, you have put the cart before the horse and never intended to give birth to the golden egg! You are the chicken alone and you poop powdered dust.

And they will adore you, regardless, your fans. The base rabble needs cardboard icons. They will follow your tweets and capture your musical abortions through iTunes. They will love you for everything but your music and your vision. And, in time they will drop you like a bad habit to move onto the next big thing.

Songwriters of today, I see no reason why you should exist. You bring nothing to forward the evolution of song. You are no danger to the mainstream. Politicians and police officers are more “rock ‘n’ roll” then the guitar slingers of 21st century. The world is overcrowded with songwriters. I pray your genocide comes quick and now. Can you not see the tremendous thunder clouds forming on the horizon? It signals the “great approach” and you will soon be swept away.










- This is such a great idea for any photo, but especially seoinr photos. It gives such a young & lively feel. Great choice Heather, and glad Shawn finally listened!

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