On the Songwriters of Today


Everywhere the shallow and the superfluous speak to us. Their siren calls stream outward from the television set, computer screen and the cellular phone. They have grown like cultures of bacteria on the social networks that hover in cyber space. The new songwriters of our time concern themselves more with popularity contests then with composition. They are the new technological pitchmen that harvest fans through the cold circuitry of My Space and Face book. Their art is sour nutrients for all the bottom base suckers that feed themselves on the feces of the ordinary.

Not much thought goes into the wisdom of songs that 

The Holy Trinty of M


Suffering through a John Mayer song is right about up there with being raped by your dad or having a mortician embalm you while your still alive. A lot of screaming and pain. Some tough emotional scarring. You never really are the same afterwards. If you don’t die slowly and painfully from the experience then surly six months with a colostomy bag and years of sleepless nights and nightmares will follow.

A cold jail cell is this John Mayer. His songs sound like sterile tombs for the ordinary. Background music for all those good American middle class citizens waiting in caustic lobbies with bad paintings for a prescription refill of Prozac or whatever anti depression pill keeps them on an even keel. Please be Patient - John Mayer Will Be With You Shortly. This is some serious douchery, folks. Hey John Mayer … I got half of your heart hanging!

And that little punk Jason Mraz. Who the fuck does that guy think he is! I caught that episode of LA Ink. That pussy ass tattoo Kat Von D stenciled onto to his arm … “Be Love.” To have you appear in the same episode as a true singer-songwriter of the caliber of Johnette Napolitano is a sure slap in the face to true music fans every where! To suffer through your tattoo experience with you made me run for the bottle and the razor blade. In your own words, "The Circle represents the Whole. The triangle, perfection, is made of equal parts Mind, Body, and Soul. Therefore, the symbol is there to inspire “Being Whole in Mind, Body, and Soul.”

You ensnare and trap the weak with this dogma of faux peace and rhetoric of throw back 60’s hippie counter-culture. Your selling watered down clichés to all those soccer moms that attend yoga classes to fell as if they are centered in a proper stream complacency. Nothing’s going to stop you but divine intervention? Well, I got news for you pal. Your time is up. There’s a new Sheriff in town. Because, Mr. Mraz we are tired of those songwriters of your ill ilk holding back true street poets and artisans of the gritty realism of life’s true song.  You are an insult to our credibility, sensibility and everything else real singer-songwriters stand for!

That includes you Dave Matthews and all you other fuck-tards out there singing about your ten thousand girlfriends, tropical island vacations and your momma’s tit. You’ve never suffered in dim rooms, through deformed loves, alienation and rejection, ostracized and torn until drugs and booze burn through your veins to kill the pain … true songs are born of this! And because there is no other way we turn to minimum wage jobs that don’t just last six months before you get the tour and the big record deal … but years and years, bleeding into decades. Because you need the money to live. You need it to fund your vision. But it steals the most important thing away from you … time. You pay the ultimate price because it will strangle your art in the end. I salute you songwriters out there in the dim shadows spilling your lyrical blood and musical menagerie of off beat beauty! You are kamikaze pilots for sure! You know your path will end in poverty, death and madness. But you carry on blindly and without abandon. Full steam ahead into the wall. You are true warriors!    

And despite all those hours of heart broken introspection that you bleed onto paper and then into song, you will bare this cross because you know it is right. That these songs speak of truth and sincere pathos. The real story of yourself and all those people out in this world tossed aside as irregular mistakes discarded from the cookie cutter of mainstream culture. True folks speak through me and you!  

Mayer, Mraz and Matthews. The Holy Trinity of M. You know very little of real life and struggle. Of passion and suffering. Your songs are nothing more then product for mass consumption. It is now time you stand aside and make room for the true creators! The Devil and his men are loose … and you will soon fall.

Thus Spoke Shawn Mafia

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